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PaidViewpoint is a lively community of critics and influencers alike—eager to share opinions and make a little extra cash while they’re at it. We can tell you’ve already got something to say… quick, make an account!

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When we started, no one was shooting straight and paying cash. Nowadays, there are tons of survey sites out there, but let’s be honest: most of them are pretty sketchy. How do you know which ones you can trust? Can you even trust us? Yes… Prove it? Okay.

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Our survey-taking experience is ALWAYS consistent—you know exactly what you’re getting into every time.

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Our panelists get paid cash for their time—yes, even if you get cutoff halfway through a survey—why is that even a question?

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Our community continues to stick with us—Psst. It’s because we show them respect. Their reviews speak for themselves.


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Always Earn!

You always earn with paidviewpoint! I love it, I have been able to cash out many times. Never an issue of qualifying for a survey. They are truly interested in everyone's opinions.

My favorite/the best survey site !

This has by far been my favorite/the best survey site for me ! I've been a member for 6 years and I regularly get surveys to cash out bi-weekly. The surveys are actually enjoyable and quick to the point, and I appreciate the short traits surveys as well ! I also love the UI with its ease of use and aesthetic ! Customer service has also been helpful for me in the past when I had some technical issues. Highly recommend !

Best Ever Survey Site

I joined Paid Viewpoint about a month ago and have already received nearly $200 in payouts. They have this thing called a "Trait" score. Taking the trait survey's help to narrow down the other survey's you will qualify for, hence you spend much less time doing the qualifying surveys only to get kicked out. This one is WELL worth your time!!!

Simple, unique - trustworthy!

Hi, I’m new here and new to online survey taking. I’ve joined a few sites this year and recently stumbled across, PaidViewpoint, and love it! Pays well, it’s simple and doesn’t waste time. The site lets me know I qualify if the survey is taken by a certain time on the same day via email. Very helpful. Already cashed out. Thanks 🙏🏻

The best out there right now

The platform is easy to use and navigate. Its site is very secure and there is always a steady stream of surveys so it’s fast to cash out.

Favorite survey site

When you first get to the site it doesn't appear as flashy as other sites. However, it's the only site that generously gives surveys I can complete and be rewarded for. Without naming other sites, I've been to many that have surveys you have to "qualify" for, even after creating a profile with enough personal information to give properly crafted surveys for myself. Thank you paid viewpoint. Keep up the amazing work.

A site that allows you to make a difference.

I am a member of several survey sites, but this is the only site that has reached out to let me know that my thoughts on products I have been doing surveys on are being heard from companies and that they wanted to thank me for my Ideas, not only do they pay fairly, the surveys are short and they give you the opportunity to add in your ideas, instead of a series of choices to choose from.

Making a difference

Paid Viewpoint is a unique site and when they recognize your efforts, it makes you feel like you are making a difference. I would give this site 10 stars, but only allowed 5. Thanks to this site I know I can influence products that we use our hard earned money on, So, why not let the companies know what we like and don't like about the product, so they can please us better. That is what is so unique about this site, you know you make a difference

Great survey experience

I do more than a few surveys at different survey sites, and PaidViewpoint is by far one of my favorites. The surveys offered are understandable, fairly quick, and enjoyable to complete. Requesting payout/redemption is fast and easy—and I receive my payouts almost instantly. I highly recommend!

Easiest survey site I've used

Paid viewpoint is the easiest survey site that I have used to make money. While you do have to accumulate more money to be able to withdraw it, it doesn't take very long. I think I have made up to a dollar on my highest paid survey so far and most of them are between 10 and 30 cents each. It is awesome, very easy to request payment and it doesn't take long to get it either.

Always a great experience

I have been a loyal member of PaidViewpoint for a few years now. They have a nice interface and offer a lot of very good surveys that are easy and interesting to participate in. I have yet to ever be disqualified from a survey, which is great. It is also very easy to cash out; I most often use Amazon gift cards but there are many many others you can choose from. Thank you, PVP!

Too much information? No such thing.

Make some change
with your ideas

When life hands you opinions, you make opinionaide. You can sell opinionaide for cash, you know. Yes, your viewpoint has value. You should get paid for it. In cash. Why is this so crazy?

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We love our panelists. We give them the utmost respect, and in return, they provide the kind of high-quality insights that not only change products and services for the better, but make market researchers salivate uncontrollably. No, you should see it—they can’t get enough, it’s kinda adorable. We’re oddly proud of it.

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