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Last Updated: August 10th, 2021

Umongous, Inc. (“Umongous,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) or its affiliates may offer opportunities for members (“Members,” “you,” or “your”) to earn money and rewards (“Rewards”) by answering surveys or any other forms of Research, and by participating in promotions on the Website, including, without limitation, contests and sweepstakes (“Promotions”).

These Rewards Rules (“Rules”) govern how Members earn and redeem Rewards. Each Promotion may have additional rules. If there is any conflict between the rules for any particular Promotion and these Rules, the specific rules shall govern for that Promotion.

Umongous may modify these Rules from time to time at our sole discretion, and such modification shall be effective upon posting a notice of changes on our Website (“Website”) or sending you an email about these changes. If you do not agree to these Rules, do not register as a Member or attempt to earn Rewards.

These Rules form a part of the PaidViewpoint Terms of Service. Our collection, sharing, and use of your personal information is also governed by the PaidViewpoint Privacy Policy.

Rewards Rules

  1. When Rewards are credited to your account, they are “unvested,” meaning they are the property of Umongous, Inc. Rewards remain unvested until you request to redeem such Rewards. When you redeem, the Rewards become “vested,” meaning you have achieved ownership of the Rewards.
  2. Rewards are eligible for redemption if you have at least $15.00 in your account. The primary way you can redeem Rewards is by transferring funds via PayPal. From time to time, we may, at our sole discretion, offer other means to receive payment, such as gift cards for Members who have high trait scores. We will never pay directly by check, money order, or through the mail. Please allow up to seventy-two (72) hours for the funds to reach your PayPal account after you initiate transfer. When you transfer all of the Rewards out of your account to your PayPal account, your account balance reverts to $0.00 and any new Rewards are unavailable for withdrawal until you reach the $15.00 threshold again.
  3. Members with high trait scores and good standing with PaidViewpoint are eligible for lower redemption thresholds after their first redemption. Eligible members will be allowed to redeem their rewards the second time at a $10 threshold, and all following redemptions at $5, so long as they remain in good standing with PaidViewpoint. PaidViewpoint reserves the right to increase payout thresholds back to the initial $15 for any member, at any time, for any or no reason.
  4. It is your responsibility to create a PayPal account at PayPal.com and to provide the email address associated with that account during registration. When prompted, you will also be required to have a telephone number linked to your account. It will be used to validate your account and must be used again to re-validate your account in order to complete each redemption of Rewards. If your phone number is requested, you cannot receive funds to your PayPal account without completing this process. Your phone must be unique and private. No public virtual systems such as GoogleChat, Skype etc. are allowed. Your phone must be capable of receiving calls, reflect the country of your permanent residency, and be available to you at the time of redemption.
  5. You can change your PayPal email address or the phone number associated with your account at any time, but doing so will require that we either, at your option: (a) zero out the Rewards in your account,or (b) freeze your Rewards, so that you cannot withdraw any funds, for 180 days. Accordingly, we strongly suggest that you only change your PayPal email address or the phone number associated with your account when you have zero funds in your account, such as when you have just cashed out.
  6. No other Membership accounts can use a PayPal account email address or telephone number that has ever been used by any other Member; provided, however, that you can revert to a PayPal email address or phone number you once used but subsequently changed. As noted above, changing back to a former PayPal address or phone number will either zero the funds in your account or freeze your Rewards for 180 days.
  7. If you or Umongous cancels your account, all Rewards will likewise be canceled and unavailable for redemption.
  8. You can invite friends to join PaidViewpoint through our Website's invite tools. Other people can only be linked to you by using your personal referral code (each a “Linked Member”). Each Member can only be linked to one person who has invited them but can have as many Linked Members under their account as they like. The link is established and acknowledged when a person you invited completes their registration using your invitation code. You can keep track of who’s linked to your Linked Members in your account.
  9. Members are entitled to twenty percent (20%) of their Linked Members’ Rewards received from research surveys (“Research Surveys”). Trait survey (“Trait Survey”) rewards are not eligible for Linked Member bonuses (“Linked Member Bonus”). Linked Member Bonuses are awarded automatically when a Linked Member redeems Rewards; provided, however, that Linked Member Bonuses are capped at twenty-five dollars ($ 25.00) over the lifetime of the Linked Member’s account. By way of example, and without limitation, if a Linked Member cashes out for $100, the Member who referred that Linked Member will receive a $20 bonus, but if a Linked Member cashes out for $200, the Member who referred that Linked Member will only receive a $25 bonus. Bonuses shall only apply to Rewards which are redeemed by Linked Members. Except as described below, Members shall not be entitled to any portion of any Rewards which a Linked Member has not redeemed.
  10. Members who have at least one hundred (100) “active” Linked Members may be eligible to participate in the VIP Community Builders Club. “Community Builders” enjoy the same Linked Member Bonus as described in the paragraph above, but do not have to wait until a Linked Member redeems their Rewards to benefit. Instead, Linked Member Bonuses are added to Community Builders’ accounts automatically every time Linked Members complete a Umongous Client’s market research survey (“Biz Survey”). “Active” Linked Members are defined as Linked Members who have completed registration, including verifying their email and phone numbers and completing the necessary trait surveys. We reserve the right to deny membership into the VIP Community Builders Club for any reason at our own discretion.
  11. Opening more than one Membership account will result in closure of all of your accounts, cancellation of any Rewards, in those accounts, and a ban from PaidViewpoint. Be advised that Umongous watches IP addresses, evidence of proxy server use, and other clues that a Member may be trying to cheat the system by opening multiple accounts. You might be required to verify your PayPal account before cashing out for security purposes, and if Umongous determines that you are operating more than one account, you will be banned.
  12. In the event the Website is ever shut down and the PaidViewpoint services discontinued, all Rewards will be cancelled and unavailable for withdrawal.

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