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We’re PaidViewpoint, and we’re here to lift your voice. For over a decade, we’ve been changing how people interact with the brands in their lives. We want to empower you to share your viewpoint,  engage with ideas, and influence the latest products and services. Ok, that’s all. Thanks for listening!


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When it comes to administering surveys, other sites are a bit of a loose cannon. But your experience means everything to us—we like to keep things quick, consistent, and fun! We’re never gonna send you on a 45-minute goose chase only to learn you’re not qualified for a survey. We’re gonna sock it to you straight, and then we’re gonna pay you for your time.

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The story of Paid Viewpoint

You’re probably wondering how we got here

Well, it all started back in 2008 with a little thing we like to call “Instant Cash Sweepstakes.” Heard of it? Yeah, it was a different time back then—we all had DVD players and MySpace accounts. We also had this crazy idea to pay people to take surveys with—well, with lottery tickets. It actually made a lot of folks really happy, and we got a lotta love throughout the first year we were online. Turns out we were really onto something when it came to market research, and we realized that the community was a massive part of that success.

“What if we just paid everyone?”

So naturally, we combined the two ideas: a market research company with a built-in community. We called it Ask Your Target Market, and got busy. We went through this “mad scientist” phase trying to figure out what compelled people to spend time taking surveys. With Instant Cash Sweepstakes, there was an element of luck, but we had an idea: what if we just paid everyone? Nobody was doing that. All the other survey sites at the time were giving out arcade-style rewards points. What if we just paid every person for their time fairly? Everyone thought we were crazy. We were about to prove them wrong.

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How we “changed” everything at SXSW

It was 2011. We went all-in on a booth at South by Southwest (SXSW) with this idea called “PaidViewpoint.” We rolled into Austin with this giant, 20-gallon glass jar. We hit every bank in the surrounding area and got an ungodly amount of change (talk about nickel and diming our promotional strategy). So we show up to SXSW with this massive jar of change, and as folks came up to our booth, we’d say, “Hey! What’s your name?” They’d respond, we’d write down their name, and hand them some change. Then we’d say, “How’s your day going, Paul?” they’d respond, we’d write it down, and hand them some more change. We handed out the entire jar full of coins, and everyone at SXSW validated our proof of concept.

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Look at us now!

You could say we’re quite proud of ourselves. PaidViewpoint is one of the top-rated survey sites in the world. We deliver a lot of satisfaction—both to the brands and researchers that use your opinions, and to you, the people who make this all possible. We’ve grown a lot since 2011, and so has our market research company—now shortened to just “aytm.” If you have a minute, you should check it out—that’s where all your surveys come from!

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You’re always welcome here

One of us! One of us!

Supporting the PV community is truly a dream—albeit, one of those dreams where you’re helping your nephew’s pet iguana learn to ride a scooter made out of glow-in-the-dark legos. It’s a trip. We love it. Wanna join us?

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