We keep it real

Share your viewpoint, get paid

That’s basically it. Ok, so why make an entire page devoted to the PV experience? Well, folks are rightfully apprehensive about survey sites—we’re trying to change that. And because you deserve the full story, we’re gonna shoot you straight. Sounds like a plan?

We keep it consistent

That’s how we build trust

When you log in to take a survey, you should know what to expect. Sure, the surveys can be about almost anything, but the experience should be the same. Here’s what we mean:

  • Same length—we’re with most surveys taking 15 minutes or less
  • Same software—no new apps to download, it’s all here
  • Same format—our surveys all follow the same rules
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We keep it rewarding

Make cash—not digital points

Real talk: This is not a job. But we do pay cash—not points you can redeem for yoyos and friendship bracelets. Most people who are on the site checking for surveys six times a day and taking every one of them will make an extra $20 a week. But survey taking is not gonna support you. That being said, sharing your thoughts feels awesome, and getting paid fairly in cash for them makes it even more gratifying.

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We keep it coming

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You’ve signed up. What’s next?

Check for surveys and take them! We recommend you check for surveys several times a day because you never know when you’ll get a match! For now, we may throw you trait surveys to get to know you better—they’ll be shorter, but we’ll still pay you!

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What’s the secret?

Ooooh, you want to know the secret? Ok. We’ll tell you. In order to get the best insights, a brand’s survey usually tries to target their consumers. If you don’t live in Seattle, chances are a local brand won’t need to ask you about their fresh fruit delivery service. But they may reach out to ask you about applesauce—because applesauce is universal. The secret is to be there when they ask for you—because brands need insights on applesauce, like, yesterday—they don’t have time to wait around to ask everyone!

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Anything else?

More like anyone else. Did we mention that we have a paid referral program? That’s right, we’re growing the PV community, and in typical PV fashion, we’ll pay you if you can help! Sound like something you’d be interested in? Click the link below to learn more about becoming a VIP community builder… or PVVIPCB for short… just kidding, that’s silly.


So, what do you think?

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