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Q:  What is the TraitScoreSM and how is it calculated?

PaidViewpoint's patent-pending TraitScoreSM system was invented to assess the candor and consistency of survey respondents and to incentivize these characteristics. Historically, there has been a huge problem in the online market research industry concerning the quality of data. Unfortunately, some people do not read survey questions, or stop to think for a few seconds, and fail to give their candid opinions or truthfully disclose their demographics. PV decided to build algorithms into its system which identify the members with best practices and reward them for being good survey takers. The system PV uses to perform this assessment is called "TraitScore". The key to earning a high TraitScoreSM is quite simple: Be honest about your demographics and traits, always give your honest opinions, and don't be fickle. Change your mind only when it is really changed. Lastly, remember, we aren't interested in your personal identity although we do verify that you are a real person and are who you claim to be. We want to learn about you and your candid opinions.

Q:  What can I do to maximize my income on PaidViewpoint?

PV limits the total number of market research surveys any member is permitted to answer each month. We follow the best practices of organizations like The Insights Association and ESOMAR in order to ensure the highest quality standards for both our respondents (you) and our market research clients. For example, if you are asked 10 times a week what is most important to you when you buy cereal (nutrition, price, package, taste etc..) - your perception of the issue gradually becomes skewed - you start thinking like a market researcher or cereal manufacturer rather than a normal consumer. So, we want you to stay exactly who you are - a healthy and happy consumer and not burn you out on too many questions. Within the range of the number of surveys we permit PV members to answer each month, we offer more income opportunities to members with higher TraitScores. The pay-per-survey is also higher based upon your TraitScoreSM.

Q:  How can I collect my earnings?

All cash out payments are made through PayPal or our partner Virtual Incentives, without any exceptions. Currently, PayPal permits sending money to more than 200 countries and territories. We apologize if you live in a country that PayPal doesn't serve. The threshold required to qualify for cash out is only $15 USD. Once that level is reached, the cash out button in your account becomes functional. After you click "cash out", we will process your request and you can expect to see the funds in your PayPal account within 72 hours. If the money does not appear by then, please contact us at support[at]paidviewpoint[dot]com. Members with high trait scores and good standing with PaidViewpoint are eligible for lower redemption thresholds after their first redemption. Eligible members will be allowed to redeem their rewards the second time at a $10 threshold, and all following redemptions at $5, so long as they remain in good standing with PaidViewpoint. PaidViewpoint reserves the right to increase cash out thresholds back to the initial $15 for any member, at any time, for any or no reason.

Q:  How many PaidViewpoint accounts can I have?

There is a strict limit of one PaidViewpoint account per person. Obviously, market researchers only want one opinion per person in a survey. Creating more than one account not only risks harming the research client, it cheats the whole community of survey takers at PV. PaidViewpoint has many checks built into the system to thwart hackers, bots and cheaters. Anyone breaking the rules will have their account canceled. There is zero tolerance for operating more than one account.

Q:  Why do you need my phone number?

When you validate your account with your phone and then again at the first cash out, you help prevent the possibility of someone stealing your earnings. Additionally, validating your phone number is one of the methods our system uses to enforce the one-account-per-member rule.

Q:  Can I change my registered phone number?

You can change your registered phone number at any time. However, each time you change your number, your account cash balance will be zeroed. Alternatively, you can freeze your earnings for 180 days at which time you’ll be asked to validate the same new number to unfreeze them. This helps prevent people from attempting to break the rules and operate more than one PaidViewpoint account. We suggest that you only change your registered phone number following a cash out when your account balance is back to zero. If you have changed your registered phone number, you are permitted to change back to the original number at any time. No member can use a number that has ever been used by another member.

Q:  Can I change my PayPal email address?

You can change your registered PayPal email address at any time. However, each time you change your PayPal email address, your account cash balance will be zeroed. Alternatively, you can freeze your earnings for 180 days. This helps prevent people from attempting to break the rules and operate more than one PaidViewpoint account. We suggest that you only change your registered PayPal email address following a cash out when your account balance is back to zero. If you have changed your registered PayPal email address, you are permitted to change back to the original email address at any time. No member can use a PayPal email address that has ever been used by another member.

Q:  What are "trait surveys"?

Trait surveys are small collections of questions that help us get to better know you and your interests. By getting an idea of your traits, demographics and interests, we can deliver you surveys which are relevant, interesting and more fun for you to answer. Trait surveys are also an integral part of our TraitScoreSM system. By answering trait surveys, you create opportunities to raise your TraitScoreSM. Each small collection of trait questions includes repetition of 1 or 2 questions that you already answered within the past few days. Answer these questions the same way and raise your TraitScoreSM. If you choose not to answer trait surveys, you miss out on this great opportunity to raise your TraitScoreSM and increase your earning potential at PaidViewpoint. By achieving a high TraitScoreSM, you will receive the maximum allowed number of market research surveys per month and increase the amount you get paid for each survey answer.

Q:  Shouldn't I just reply "yes" to every trait question so that I'll receive the maximum number of research survey opportunities?

Having a "positive" personality trait is awesome! Being "positive" for a larger proportion of traits however doesn't increase the number of market research survey opportunities you will receive each month. The number of survey opportunities that you receive is purely a function of your TraitScoreSM. Being candid in your answers to traits questions will increase your TraitScoreSM and ensure that you receive not only the maximum number of research surveys, it will ensure a more interesting and relevant survey experience. Furthermore, being excessively "positive" or "negative" for traits overall, compared to the population of PV members at large, makes you stand out to the TraitScoreSM algorithm as someone who is either trying to "game the system" or not participating fully in telling us about yourself. Finally, being "positive" for a trait can exclude you from a survey. Frequently, the researcher requests to survey people who don't possess a certain trait.

Q:  How do I know if there is a trait survey available for me to answer?

Once you register, new trait surveys will be offered in your account from time to time. If you like, you can change the notifications in your account and receive an email the moment a trait survey becomes available. The default is set to "no email" for alerting you about trait survey availability. Regardless of your notifications settings, we recommend that you check your account at least once or twice a day to take advantage of the maximum number of opportunities.

Q:  What are research surveys?

Research surveys are surveys ordered by our clients at aytm, PaidViewpoint's parent market research company. These paid surveys are ordered for a variety of different purposes including testing new product ideas, seeking opinions about designs (logos, branding, etc.) and many, many other reasons. The clients of aytm are not interested in your personal identity. They are interested in your candid opinions and some basic demographics that reflect something about who you are.

Q:  How do I know if there is a market research survey available for me to answer?

PaidViewpoint will alert you within your account when a research survey is available for you to answer. Additionally, PV will reach out to you with an alert according to the notifications setting in your account. The default setting of email notification is "yes", which you can change at any time. We highly recommend that you allow email notification if you want to maximize your chance to participate in market research and earn money at PV. Each invitation to participate in a research survey at PV is a limited-time offer. The research clients at aytm order a fixed number of desired responses. Once the order is complete, the survey is closed. When you receive an email alert that a specific survey is available, a number of other PV members receive the same alert. If enough of them beat you to the survey, then by the time you log into PV, the survey opportunity will be gone. We never send out a second email to retract the original invitation. In order to increase your opportunity to be the early bird (who gets the proverbial worm), we suggest that you also activate SMS/phone notification in your account for research survey invitations. Please choose the level and timing of notification that best suits you.

Q:  How does PaidViewpoint determine the amount paid to answer a market research survey?

Every research survey sold at aytm gets a fixed portion of the sale price allocated to the respondents who answer the questions. That pot of money is divided up between the respondents based on their TraitScoreSM. Adjustments are made to level the playing field so that newer members of PaidViewpoint are treated equally well as compared to longstanding members. The respondent pool is divided into groups. The higher-level groups get paid more for each survey answer. We calculate survey cost and respondent payment based upon multiple parameters that consider how hard the respondent has to work; the number of questions being the most important issue. So, the pay-per-survey is calculated based upon how much work you have to do.

Q:  How long does it take to answer a PaidViewpoint research survey?

The simple answer is that most PV surveys take about 5-6 minutes. But the longer a survey is - the more you will earn. PV strives to be the friendliest survey-taker experience anywhere. Most of our market research surveys have limits placed on the number of characters in a question (120-240) and in survey answers (90-120) to give a Twitter-like feeling of brevity. The number of answer choices is limited. Long, classic, complex, matrix-type questions are forbidden. The number of open-ended questions (where you have to type in answers) is limited. The maximum number of questions in a survey is limited on average; PV surveys are around 10 questions long.

Q:  Which browsers can be used with PaidViewpoint?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox v.3.6+, Safari, Opera, IE8+

Q:  Can I participate using my mobile device?

Yep, do it on the go! - We support iOS (Apple) and Android mobile devices. We have an Android App available on Google Play. If you have an Apple device, or prefer just to use your web browser, no app is needed. Just follow the link in your invitation email or SMS and take the survey right in your mobile browser.

Q:  What impacts my account standing?

There are several data quality controls built into several aspects of our platform. Sometimes you will see a question in a survey that mentions it's for data quality control purposes (also referred to as a "red herring"), to make sure you're paying attention to the survey. We also have a QA team checking your responses to open-ended (OE) questions to make sure they're on-topic, and are appropriate. If too many of your OE responses are rejected, this can negatively affect your account standing, and you may lose access to perks such as early cash out or gift card cash outs. That being said, you can also receive Kudos (and a small reward!) for especially helpful OE responses which positively impacts the standing of your account.

Q:  I got an email about getting kudos. What are kudos?

Congrats on receiving kudos! This means that your open-ended response to a survey was particularly detailed, thoughtful, or helpful for our research study. If your response stood out from the rest, our QA team or our clients can give you kudos. This shows up as a small reward in your account, and positively affects your account standing.

Q:  What does it take to become a VIP Community Builder club member?

Great question! For those of you who are, or aspire to be, our TOP referral-getters, we implemented the new VIP Community Builder status. The main benefit that the VIP community builders will enjoy is that they won’t have to wait till their invitees cash out to collect their 20% referral fees, but will be enjoying on-the-fly awards every time their friends receive Research survey rewards. To get this privilege you need to have 100+ ACTIVE friends/referrals. By active we mean that your referrals have to have been a member for more than 30 days and must be visiting the site and completing surveys on a regular basis. You can apply by clicking the VIP banner on your Friends page. Please note that only members who have assembled their communities in a 100% honest way without a shadow of doubt will be granted VIP status. Please don’t try to bump your numbers by adding ghost accounts or inviting your dog to join, it won’t do any good :)
To make all of this easier for you to get friends and other referrals, we are automating customization of the referral URLs. You can do it right from your account on the Friends tab.
We’ve had requests to allow you to create several referral URLs in order to test the effectiveness of different campaigns, or referral locations, like Facebook, your website or blog, your email signature, etc.. We’ve implemented a mechanism that allows you to add a plus sign (“+”) and a string of 12 alphanumerical characters at the end of your URL. You can have as many aliases as you need and you don’t have to create them first. You can simply use them elsewhere and they will become visible in your stats as a filter once at least one friend joins using it. It works somewhat similar to Gmail’s address alteration ([email protected] = [email protected])
Please be upfront and above-board about our site and its benefits. Don't promise people they will make huge amounts of cash or that they will get a survey everyday. We NEVER set any expectation for a specific schedule of surveys. Since we are in the market research business, the surveys are all built around our client needs, so there is no timetable to receive surveys or to cash out.

Q:  What is a three-strike policy?

We have a three-strike policy in relation to our members' support.

We recognize that when something doesn’t work the way we plan or expect it to, frustrations can arise, and emotions can become heated. However, this does not excuse harassment, threats, or profane/inappropriate language being used towards PaidViewpoint support staff; issues and requests to our support team can still be made in a professional and respectful manner.

Three Strike Policy:

We strive to remain professional in all our communications with our panel members, and we ask that you do the same. Any message or communication that our staff finds threatening, profane, inappropriate, or harassing will be notated in your account, and you will be notified in response.

  1. The first strike will result in a written warning, and a note added to your account.
  2. The second strike will result in a written warning, and a second note added to your account. You may also see a reduction in the number of available surveys in your account.
  3. The third strike will result in your final written communication from us, a final notation on your account, and the banning of your account. Any remaining funds will be forfeited immediately.

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